Arabian Goggles.

by Nic Olson

If you know what arabian goggles are, I’m sorry that my first blog has that title.
If you do not know what arabian goggles are, you do not want to know.

After many hours debating in my head whether starting a blog was worth it or not, here I am and ‘partying since 1988’ is born. Almost everyday as I sit alone in the car, I come up with some amazingly hilarious things that I would put in a book, if I ever became an author. Since I will never become an author, this is my new place for those amazing book-worthy thoughts.

I doubt I will have anything profound to say, or that this will benefit anyone at all, but it is a place for me to put down my thoughts so I can sort out my thoughts in a organized way, and I would be glad if anyone would want to share this with me.

more to come…