Beer Fest.

by Nic Olson

As you will soon learn, my titles have nothing to do with my actual blog.. but I did see Beerfest today at the theatres, and it was hilarious.

Lately, I have been thinking about education. Questioning it, and everything about it. Learning things is great, but the actual ‘education process’ seems a bit like a prolonged shot in the nuts. Today, while playing a calm game of Sudoku in my room, listening to some tunes, I remembered my last day of Grade 12. It was on this day, that I learned how to properly write the number nine from my math teacher, Dr. Tony Nickel. Before this, for 11+ years I was writing the number nine in a way that made it look like a four. My last day of high school is when I learned how to write a nine..

I bet all the answers I ever got wrong in math, we because I thought that one number was a 4 instead of a 9… brutal.

In less than a week, I go to university for the first time. Maybe they’ll teach me how to write the number five properly, because that one has always pissed me off a little.