Labour Day

by Nic Olson

it is labour day, and my first day of ‘big boy’ school is tomorrow. it seems like a big deal, at least people make it seem that it is a big deal… i don’t really know why. maybe i’ll find out. i haven’t really thought about school at all since i registered, until the past 6 hours.. i didn’t know what classes i had until today.
i think this was a good idea, so i didn’t have to think about anything school related until the last day of summer.

it was also today, that i dealt with that weird feeling that i think might be stress. thinking about my classes, cars, textbooks, tuition and all that crap made me feel all dirty inside and even made me fall to the ground and cringe numerous times. my whole summer, i had little to no stress put on me, and then all of this came crashing down on me in one day.. but i’m fine.

soon enough i’ll be old enough to buy smokes, smut and be able to gamble.. then i’ll almost be a real ‘old person’. we all know i love those three things.

i sure hope people can understand sarcasm through the computer screen, or else i may be in trouble.