by Nic Olson

there are a few things these days that i have realized inspire me.

1. Road trips. My past two or three years have been full of many road trips to many different places, often with totally different people. I have gone to North Dakota for the World Junior Hockey Championships, I have gone to Canmore, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Yellowknife, Weyburn, La Ronge, and so many other places, with such cool people. Road trips are a special thing to me, because they really let you get to know people on a different level. People, new places, random adventures, and all the beautiful things that come with road trips fill me with energy and smiles. Sitting in a car for hours can lead you to sing awfully loud to Kelly Clarkson, and play air guitar to Dragon Force, all as a team. Going on adventures with people that are special to you, is something that cannot be beat..

2. Music. This one comes especially after seeing means and Every New Day this week. First off, both band’s music is unbelieveable, some may say, ‘crumbalieveable!’. Means play a style of music with so much energy and they do it with passion. Every New Day play music that when I hear it, I instantly smile and get butterflies in my stomach. Both bands are full of amazing talent, and they use this to worship and praise God. Wow!

thats it. I love road trips, and I love music. Both inspire me to live my life with adventure and passion.. Yes! This blog gets me excited!

by the way, my new pictures site is up, and its neat…