the new life.

by Nic Olson

when i was once in high school, and people i knew were in university, they complained all the time. they said things like, ‘university is so hard. so much work. so tiring. you have to study every night.’ i didn’t believe them one bit.. until today. i have loads of homework, and a large portion of it is due on monday. the sweetest part of this is, that i won’t be here all weekend long. i’ll be in winnpeg, for means and every new day. the only good reason to go to winnipeg.

last night, four young adults and i travelled to the city of lights, saskatoon. this was also for a good reason. the same reason i am going to winnipeg. it was a good trip. we left around 6pm and got home around 3:30am. it was a long night, and a super long day of school today. it was like i was in a marathon, and 6pm was the finish line. at parts of the day, i cramped up and slowed down. at other parts of the day, i stopped and thought, i flippin’ hate marathons. what a waste of time.. but i got through it. like a true marathon-ist.

now its time to pump the iron (Fe) that is chem, and other assorted funs.