positively positive.

by Nic Olson

a list of good things in my life….

1. a solid home. a solid home, not as in ‘a solid house’. sure the house is solid, but you know.. it is true.

2. the breakfast club. it has been good to me, and i already regret missing it this upcoming saturday. as often as possible, a real hearty breakfast is cooked at tim ashworth’s house on saturday morning, often featuring many cool people and great food. there are pictures of both on my picture site.

3. endless amounts of chocolate bars, chips and pop. no lies. my mom gets the leftover candy from the camp canteen. i get to eat it all. at 17, i am lazy and often don’t care about my health. this leads to chocolate bars for every meal, washed down with a can or two of coke. yes!

4. we sold the cavalier. the legend that is jeremy’s car, now belongs to kurtis ashby. i really hated that car most of my days, but the last couple months, it grew on me. literally, it probably actually did grow on me, seeing how it hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years.

5. ho’s in different area codes. this may be a touch crude, but its true. i have good people, in many far away lands.. and no, not all of them are female. few of them are. but they are all ho’s.
for sho.

and today, i skipped my first class of university. not even for a good reason. just because i was hungry. psychology isn’t important anyways. it felt so good, i’m skipping all day tomorrow too.
i may be the most rebellious thing the U of R has ever seen. ever.