confessions of lindsay lohan on jager.

by Nic Olson

i am here, in a frustrated rage-like state. this is probably a bad idea, but a good way to release my anger, i guess. i am not going to say why i’m in a blind rage, but you could say it is because primeau hung up the skates. what a pussy.

as my days of being a minor pass, and i almost become an adult, i notice my teenage life. i’m going to go ahead and say that my teenage years (yes i have a few left) were different than the vast majority of most people’s teenage years. i dont know what did this, it could be solid parenting (thats my guess), it could be that when i was around the age of doing stupid teenage crap, my brothers were just getting out of it, and telling me that it was not worth it, or it could be that i am wired in a way that does things totally different than all other people. i’m not going to make a list of the things i haven’t done that other teenagers do, that would be miles long, but if i did it would basically comprise of chain letters, nice hair cuts and beef on a bun.

i like things as simple as possible. and when people do things to complicate any sort of situation, i am not a big fan. but really, it seems like all people ever do, is irresponsible things to complicate life, and make every situation harder.

its probably difficult to understand anything i just wrote, but man, it felt good.. teenagers suck, i’m glad i’m not a very good one.