riding the white horse into righteousness.

by Nic Olson

this one is a topicless blog.

today i watched highschool football, featuring Jesse Elford. that kid is amazing. he ran for 3 touchdowns, the only three his team scored. his team, Notre Dame, won 21-14. he is a truly amazing athlete. he also wrestles steers.

i have never liked english class. it is for a couple reasons. i am not good at sharing my feelings. digging deeeeeep down and saying how i truly feel.. sure, sometimes about small issues. but that digging really sucks.. and these are about things that don’t matter. like how i feel about this short story, and how i feel about my inner true mask i wear. another reason, you can’t be right.. there is no right answer to anything… every class, you can’t learn the right way of doing anything, because it is different to every teacher…… brutal! give me a formula, give me some numbers. then i can’t be wrong.

i joined a new soccer team.. i feel bad about leaving my team of 3+ years, but it had to be done. i wasn’t even sure if CCFC would exist this season, and i needed to join another team. i am now on Pantera, no not the band, the team. i have never played on a team where i don’t know anyone.. i’ll probably get beat up every game.

ron howard was smart. when asked, “what trait do you most deplore in yourself?” he replied, ” the endless desire for the world’s approval” i paraphrased a bit because of a lack of memory, but he got it right.

i like bacon.