i love breaking and entering.

by Nic Olson

this past saturday was a good time.

kris and i headed down to weyburn for a good visit with the grandparents, and a good chance to break and enter in an abandoned building…

we both had heard lots of crazy stories about Souris Valley Mental Instiution. this place did some crazy things. lobotomys, lsd treatment, from what i’ve heard, and apparently there is a lot of things left in the building. kris had gone in before, but only with a large ladder, because the bottom three floors are all boarded up. before we left, we stopped by at Home Depot got a flashlight, some batteries and a solid set of bolt cutters. we found a door that opened an inch or two, but stopped by a chain and a lock. we managed to get the bolt cutters in the door, cut the chains and enter, fairly easily. before we went in, some kids from weyburn told us that it was alarmed and sensored, so we had a clue. we took about 5 steps in the door, and a loud siren-like alarm sounded. i saw the motion sensor, but it was too late. we sprinted out, bolt cutters and cut up lock in hand, and ran back to the getaway car. quickly, we drove away, before any sort of police or security could arrive.

we went to tim hortons, hid the bolt cutters in the trunk, ditched the broken lock i still had in my hand, and went back the scene in about 15 minutes. the cops were there, as well as a maintenance truck. the cops pulled us over, asked us why we were there, and we told them that we were visiting from regina, and told him that our great grandma lived there at one time, so we wanted to check it out.. that was a lie.

he let us go, and we went and talked to the maintenance man for a while. he gave us all the clues for the building, everything we would ever need to know about the security system and the protcol for this that just happened. he didn’t know that we were the ones that broke the chain and set off the alarm, but he was a nice guy..

all in all, i had a great time.. the northern lights on the way home were amazing, unexplainably. i figured that i should get into a little bit of trouble quick, before i am no longer a young offender.