breaking and entering, part 2.

by Nic Olson

i don’t know if you are getting tired of my stories, but here is another sweet one.
tonight, kris, ben and i went to a nearby tower. i am not sure what it was for, maybe cell phones, maybe some satellite receiver of some sort. but we climbed it.. we got about 1/3 the way up, and it got windy, dark, scary and we were tired, so we headed back down. the whole adventure lasted about an hour or so. it was a lot of work climbing up the ladder, you had to hold on tight. if you didn’t, it would be a rough fall to the ground. a rough, long fall.

anyway, thought i’d blog that one too. it was super fun, and next time, i am hoping to climb even further, maybe pack a lunch, some bouncy balls.. should i take a sandwich or maybe some leftovers.