by Nic Olson

In elementary school surveys taken numerous years ago, I could never answer the question of ‘What is my favourite season?’
But, I just figured it out. A month of university sure helps on those doozy grade 1 questions.

Fall has got to be the greatest time of year. Sure, soon winter will be kicking our warm human cans, but the few weeks before this happens is a fantastic time. The holidays of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Yom Kippur and this October, Friday the Thirteenth are all great family celebrations and that cannot be denied. The CFL is hitting it’s regular season high of excitement, the NHL is just kicking into high gear. And of course don’t forget the sacred gathering of Lectureship. All the events and parties peak at this time of year making it the greatest season for all things social.

The weather is unbeatable. It is warm out, but at the same time it is a bit cold out too. The leaves coat the ground. The other day walking home from school I saw a tree with leaves THIS colour.. it was amazing. I wanted to pick off the leaves and eat them. They looked like pink lemonade. The smell of chopped up poplar leaves from the lawn mower is as inviting as a warm pool filled with fun water toys and famous movie stars… And really, what is more inviting than that. Nothing, thats what.

Really, I can’t think of any other reason that any other season could top this one.. I didn’t mean to rhyme in that last sentence, I promise.