climb aboard the lectureship.

by Nic Olson

it’s a very busy weekend, so i kinda thought i might do one of these before i never have time again. this weekend is lectureship, thanksgiving, montreal vs. toronto, butter chicken fest 2006, and a reunion of many, so i have much to do. on top of all that, a bit of studying and homework. but homework is for… ‘chumps’. i had a better word, but it could be considered a swear.

the gridblog, whatever that means, for this week is thankfulness, or thanksgiving or something like that, because of the holiday, thanksgiving this upcoming monday. there is too much these days to be thankful for, in my life anyways.

i’m thankful for almost being 18. eighteen years of life is quite a few, and i feel i’ve lived them pretty well. eighteen has got to be around my prime, so if i didn’t go on any further and people remembered me at this age, i’d be alright with that. i’m thankful for homework, somehow.. if i didn’t have homework i’d be doing very very little, and things would get awfully crappy. i enjoy pounding out the limits of functions, because when i finish, its a relieving and accomplishing feeling. i may have said this in like 3 other blogs, but i’m thankful that the NHL season has started up. finally, something worth watching on tv, until the OC starts up again.

and the total cliche comes, i’m thankful for my family and my friends. i’m with at least one of the people from these groups everyday, all day and thats for a reason. i would be dead without them, probably. and bored as a ‘chump’. and there are hundreds of other reasons why i’m thankful for them, but i’ll stop there. cause i’m lazy as ‘chumps’… again, i had a better word there, but i’m refraining from the curses.. its hard to come up with a decent simile these days without using offensive words.. no lies.