i heard thanksgiving was the day that michael jackson took over west germany.

by Nic Olson

my last post can almost be disregarded.. really.. it is much easier to be thankful after this past weekend. i had an unbelieveable time, and i went to 0.5 lectures. some big news includes:

eric goud came to town. first time in three months, from hongcouver back to regina. this, in turn created the reunion of the ages. tim maxwell came down from s’toon, and almost all the other guys that i have held dear were there. it was truly an amazing feeling.. thinking about it makes me cringe with smiles…. ? with this reunion came a riveting match of hide and seek, in downtown regina. it was at like midnight until 2am, so not many people were around, just police and security guards. we played on a two block by two block area and shifted the playing area numerous times to confuse cops and security, and make it a new terrain. people were in caged parkades, on top of buildings, in dumpsters, and everywhere else, and it was great. we didn’t even get in trouble from any authority figure. not this time anyways.

thanksgiving meal with 60+ olsons and orrs can be frightening, but today it was great. that family is full of heritage and is often intimidating, but it was a gooood meal. my personal highlight may have been the turkey.. not sure though.

and the day before today, i went to the 4th Annual Butter Chicken Fest at india house here in regina. i ate so much in a span of 20 minutes, that i seriously couldn’t move for 45 minutes.. i was in a very real pain, and all because i have no self control when it comes to buffet. i’m such a loser..

and now, still 1.5 days left in this weekend, i forget that i have midterms i haven’t studied for, i forget that i have numerous assignments to do, i forget that its getting cold out, all i can think of is that feeling i have inside now.. the one that feels like you just sipped a hot chocolate and you can feel the warmth run down your ribcage.. not the time when you burn your tongue. that just sucks. but the best kind of hotchocolate, that isn’t too strong, and isn’t coffee.. thats what i am feeling right now…