commando and loving it.

by Nic Olson

being eighteen is not much different than being seventeen, which is not much different than being sixteen and so on.. it feels the same, obviously. the only real difference is that i have to start buying my own socks, deodorant and underwear. so, looks like i’ll be barefoot, awfully smelly, and going commando until i get some sort of income. which might be a while.

being eighteen, i should now know that i should be responsible and be studying for my two midterms tomorrow, instead of writing this garbage.

i think the past week, i’ve been doing good. i mean, i struggle with loads of things, too many to list, but this past week, i feel that i have been dealing with them all very well.. doing my homework but not stressing about any of it. saying less rude things than the amount that come into my head. being honest to myself. praying. trying to be a good friend to all the people i know.

and since i am now a legal adult (no more fun) (start drinking old people drinks every night, while reading the newspaper. no funny jokes, and no smiling) i understand that i have more responsibilities. i have to be careful what i say, i might not be able to get away with my jokingly rude comments. hopefully i can still have sarcasm, because without that, i’ve got nothing. i now have to start making my own wise decisions and hopefully i don’t screw my life up too bad. i really hope i don’t screw up my life, because that seems pretty easy.

oh, and i have to get married in two years. because we all know, if you’re not married by 20, you are going to have a sad life.

or i can act like i’m 12 again. my coolness peak was around 12.. i am certainly on the coolness downfall now..