friggin’ houdini over here.

by Nic Olson

it was a day, full of some fun stuff.

first school, which was the same as usual. came home, watched some of my brand new episodes of season 3 of the o.c. on dvd, while eating a bowl of chili.

kurtis left town today. or he leaves in like 9 hours, back to yellowknife. thats a bummer. but i bet he’ll be back.. hopefully anyways. yellowknife is full of nothing but weirdos and some loose women.

at kurtis’ house hanging out one last time, i was talking to some one, and while i was talking to someone, i was also putting a random set of handcuffs on my wrist. i am not sure whose they are, but i probably do not want to know.. it was the weirdest thing though, as i talked to someone, and not even thinking, put on these keyless handcuffs.. i knew they had no key, about 2 weeks earlier, someone else had the same predicament, and it took them an hour to pick the lock..
i dont know why i put them on, i only put them on one wrist though.. if you’ve ever known me, you may have noticed that when i talk to people, i dont know what to do with my eyes and eye contact, or my hands.. so, i usually pick up something nearby, rip it up, or play around with it a while. so, today i put on keyless handcuffs..
i am not graceful or patient enough to pick the lock of handcuffs, i figured it would be easier to break them.. so, for an hour, using utensils such as spoons, knife sharpeners, stoves, cresent wrenches, styrofoam peanuts, bobby pins and knives, i broke free of the handcuffs.. my wrist was sore as heck, but i was free..

that was probably the stupidest thing i’ve ever done..