my ipod broke today.. my life is ruined.

by Nic Olson

well, i played soccer today. but, it wasn’t fun. i played the worst i’ve played in a while..
that’s enough of that.

these days, my purpose of each hour, is to get through it, and hopefully not die. school has been alright, i enjoy it quite a bit, but i am lazier than a guy from holland just after he ate 4 cupcakes. and i’m telling you, that is lazy..
i am down to my last 10 dollar bill this week. i broke my final twenty, month old birthday money, to buy an iceberg. an iceberg is a large burger, about the size of your face. and it was fantastic.. now i have that 10 dollar bill to last me until june. i bet it won’t last until next weekend.

with that in mind, i have been thinking quite long and hard about dropping out of school this upcoming semester, and if i do that, getting a job. i need money, i know jobs blow and school is way better, but it seems the most logical right now.. i also have been putting some thought into travel. ever since jeremy, and also wilf and laura went to india, i have been very interested. i would love to learn, live and hangout there, in a totally new place. it sounds weird, but i have been thinking about it quite a bit. it might be that random wishes of a stupid teenager, but i think it would be good for me.. i dont know. i guess, the only way that would work, is if the mcmillans wanted me anywhere near them. because surprisingly, i don’t know anyone else in india.

or maybe i’ll go nanny in franny. france. the official term is ‘au pair’.. i think. something french anyways. that one would be up to conrad and daphne, and if they wanted me anywhere near them, because again, i know no one else in france.

anyways, those are my ideas about the future. my last 10 dollar bill says i will just stay in school for the winter semester, and live off of my parents. they are good that way.. and in many other ways, of course. anyone want to take that bet?