i fixed my ipod today, i’m back on top.

by Nic Olson

the second installment of the ‘Nic’s Future’ series.

lately, i have been thinking ASTRONAUT. i can barely spell it, but it seems like it suits me. i went to the Imax this past weekend, because i’m that cool, and saw a movie about the moon. it was the biggest let down i’ve ever encountered. first off, it was advertised as 3D, but it wasn’t actually a 3D movie.. secondly, it was 30 minutes long. we paid the price of a movie to see a half hour movie that had about 3% actual footage of the moon in it, the rest was all animated stuff. and it was narrated by tom hanks. you can’t get much worse.. so i decided, i’m going to become an astronaut, and make a good imax movie. one that everyone goes and sees, and is narrated by johnny knoxville and steve-O.

but seriously, i have been thinking about that astronaut idea for a while now, but i heard you have to be under 5’10”.. true?

throughout this endless search for my future career, i have wanted to become an athletic trainer, dentist, engineer, professional muscle man, and countless other ideas, often changing from week to week.
so, basically, i’m screwed. unless the U of R is opening a new department in The Study of the Dentistry of Athletic Therapy on Muscle Man Engineers, in Space.
cause that’d be right up my alley.