today at the supper table, the family was talking about how cultured they were.
not really at all, but they were talking about france, and all the awesome things there, and then eventually started talking about india and the unique experiences there.

i quietly sat at my end of the table, ate my food, and contributed nothing to the conversation.

how could i? when they said, ‘oh we had this amazing exotic goat cheese, as we rode the train to the museum of everything awesome’ i would say, ‘well, one time in swift current i went to taco time with jeremy. it was wild’

today, driving home from school, i thought being a trucker would be sweet. i like a good road trip, and am pretty good at them if i do say so myself. so i figured i would create a job better than a trucker. i am thinking of starting a professional road trip coordinator. you pay me to go on roadtrips.. you can come if you’d like, but i could go alone.
fees include:
gas money, food money, money to create a great scrapbook, and extra spending money for road trip essentials such as fireworks, spitz and waterslides or rollercoasters.

give me a call, and i will road trip for you..