take a guess?

by Nic Olson

oops i did it again. i played with your heart, and got lost in this game. oh baby, baby.
…. i’m not that innocent.

oh, brittany spears, you can cut to the core of me.. you sure can. with your white trash ex-husband, and your kids you can’t even take care of, and your awful music that created a whole new level of awful when you were wearing only jewels and singing about being toxic.

anyway, i did it again. no big surprise. i do it once every couple years, if i’m lucky.. always has to do with girls, getting mad at me, for good reason. last time was in grade 10, on the bus on the way home, i said something, one of her friends ‘overheard’ told her, and the next morning i was welcomed with about 6 girls with angry faces, arms on their hips, tapping their foot. that kind of angry.. we did a lap around the hallway, she told me what i did, i told her i was sorry, and that was about it.

but, even though it happens once every couple years, i don’t learn. ever. i still do it, even in my mature university persona, i am no better off than i was in grade 10. i was such a loser in grade 10, bad hair, and clothes. sweet friends though..

anyways, the reason i am not saying what i did, or to whom, is because that might send this into an entirely new kind of spiral i am not used to, and that would be bad. just like they say, one spiral is often enough.. just like advil.

i bet this makes no sense. basically this:

nic + people = bad things

sorry everyone.