Nic’s English Lesson

While driving home on the ice in the coldest Korean car ever, I found an old fortune cookie fortune. I don’t really know how fortunes work, if they can only come true once for the first person who reads it, or if it will come true for whoever reads it until the end of time, but i don’t care.. i think they are awesome.. the fortune said this,

‘You shouldn’t overspend at the moment. Frugality is important.’

Being the true fan of English class (i hate it) I thought I would take this and dig deep, utilizing what I have learned in English100. First things first, I don’t have a clue what frugality means, so a dictionary will be necessary..

The Dictionary points out the root word. Ohhh, frugal. I should’ve looked for the root word. But I still don’t know what it means. I found the definition for frugality. it is:
Frugality: prudence in avoiding waste

I hate it when dictionaries have another word you don’t understand, in the definition of a word you dont understand. So,
Prudence: caution with regard to practical matters; discretion.

So, in summary, through substitution, we have:
Frugality is the caution with regard to practical matters (discretion) in avoiding waste.

Now that I have a very weak understanding of frugality, I need to understand the rest of the fortune, ‘You shouldn’t overspend at the moment’. Is this one of those, killing the joke, kind of things? Or, when you are having the best day of your life, don’t say that it is the best day of your life, because when you look back on that supposed best day of your life, it won’t seem like the best day of your life, because you said that.

So, since I’m much too lazy, and incompetent (spelling?) in the English language, thats all. We figured it out together.

I am going to shovel some snow.


this topic may be getting tired, but it’s where i am lately, so here we are again.

in 3 weeks, what will i be doing? in 3 months, in a year, in three years?

some ideas and opportunities have come up, different than the ones before. real ideas, not just wishes and ramblings.

1. australia – for no good reason other than that it is australia.. it is very unlikely, but possible. kurtis, me, some australian beach babes. what could be better? it would be nice, but the only way for that to happen, as well as anything cool to happen to me, is to get some money, and fast.
this idea then ties in with the idea, created by not me, to move to yellowknife and get a job, and make money for a good old australian trip. what do you think?

2. china. this idea was just presented to me very lately, but i never really thought about it before.. if they’d take me, i could go to that land of asian beauties and teach some english, or, according to harmony, a minibus driver.. the latter seems less likely, but both are intriguing and interesting to me… more thought on those ones.

3. regina. good old, reliable regina.. stick around here for school or job. it would be great. friends, family, familiarity. but, right now, school seems out of the picture. not sure why, but it just does.

those are more ideas.. all, probably not very likely, but options.. seems like i want to get out of town, but its not true. i bet every teenager has this right out of highschool. the immature, naive wish to leave the country and go on an unlikely adventure.
but, i may as well do it while i’m still young.

i’m tired of not knowing what to do, someone make a decision for me.. next comment on this blog, i vow to do whatever it is you say with my life, and this upcoming year.