heart and soul.

by Nic Olson

Tonight was a beautiful night. There is not much better than a Saturday night, at home, with a Coca-Cola in hand, watching the Montreal Canadiens play the Toronto Maples Leafs. One of the oldest rivalries in sports, and the greatest in the hockey world. It was a fast paced game that had to be put away in the shootout.

Sheldon Souray, yeah, Sheldon Souray was the third shooter for Montreal, and he made no mistake. It was one of the nicest penalty shots I have ever seen, and that is no lie. Watch Sportscentre tonight. He was once voted the Sexiest NHL Player of the Year, and to back that up, he scores goals, lays huge hits, and he is one of the toughest fighters out there. He is a fantastic dude.

Then there is Koivu. He owned this game. Two goals to tie it up, as well as a shoot out goal. No one in the league has more heart than this guy. Amazing, is all I can think of.

Anyways, after tonights game, Montreal’s huge come from behind win, I felt pretty good. And these guys were the reason. Souray’s grit and strength, Koivu’s heart and determination. This is why I love this team.

Stanley Cup in ’07!