Ode to 15.

by Nic Olson

Here we are. Mere minutes into December 15. Sure, December 15 is a nothing day, a Friday, and that’s it, but lend me your ear, and I will decorate it with ideas of why December 15 is a day to be reckoned with.

Really, there is no real good reason that I speak of December 15 this way. But it is the last day of my finals. I’m not going to lie, I rather enjoyed my experience of Final Exams in my first semester of University. They were challanging, they gave me something to do besides write crappy blogs, they made my brain hurt; all great qualities. This day also marks 26 days of freedom for me. 26 days, because after this, I move to a new continent and have to act mature and responsible. But for the 26 days prior to that, immaturity is all I have.
But lets be honest, I am so mature, and so beyond my years, that being immature will really be a stretch.
Remember in elementary school, when you were in the awkward scene of gym class, and there were those really athletic kids that just couldn’t touch their toes. How did they do that? They were athletic, those kids can do anything, except, apparently, touch their toes.

Anyways, here is to the majesty of December 15th, a Friday of Fridays. Let us remember this as 10 days before that one day, and 15 days after the first day of the month of that one day.