by Nic Olson

I had the privilege of seeing this movie tonight, opening night. All I can really say is that it was a truly epic movie. Without giving it all away, this is what I was thinking the whole time. I was getting nervous wondering who would win the fight in the end, and then I said to myself, “Well, it’s obvious who is going to win, it’s called Rocky Balboa.” Anyway, in the end, he won. Or did he? Yes. Yes? Anyways, I hope I didn’t give it away, because either way, it was a fantastically epic movie, all about heart.

I believe, and I hope that my belief is evident, that heart means everything. Whether it is a sport, an English exam, or just life, that heart is everything. I listen to many bands that say this same thing. My favourite hockey team lives by this, obviously not the most skilled team in the league, but playing great because of that thing called heart. Teams I have played on in the past have excelled because of heart. Other, skilled teams I have been on in the past without this, have not been so great. Times where I feel I have done very well at something, are often for this same reason. It is something greater than skill, intelligence or natural ability. It is about passion, hardwork and digging deep down in the region where your stomach, appendix and if my anatomy knowledge is right, where your soul lies.

Rocky is a solid dude. This movie, in his age, he made some great decisions. He loved his family, and friends, and did nothing to hurt them. If I was going to choose a fictional Italian boxing character created by Sylvester Stallone to be best friends with, I’d pick Rocky. I’d pick Rocky even if he wasn’t Italian, fictional or created by Stallone. I’d pick him out of a million. My best friends just aren’t as cool as Rocky. And they would probably agree. I sure am not as cool as Rocky. Not by a long shot.

Check out the movie, Stallone needs a few bucks, help a brother out. If you haven’t noticed, I now enjoy putting pictures on every blog. It makes it more visual.