The O.C.

Over the past 4 years or so I have devoted my television watching life to one show, and one show only. Many may make fun of me for it, but I am open with my love. The hit television series ‘The O.C.’ has been cancelled due to decreasing ratings after 3 full seasons, and a shortened season 4.

Now that this is over, all I have is my DVD collection of the show, and my television watching career is on permanent hold, and maybe done forever. Sports don’t count.

Although the show has been cancelled, rumours fly about the possibility that the show is only cancelled from FOX and might be picked up by rival station The CW. If this were the case, the show would continue for at least one more season, and maybe go on for round two of amazing ratings.

Featuring the talents of many new up and coming actors and actresses, not to mention one of the best looking casts on any television series, The OC had some great writing and some good memories.

That is all. I needed to say my goodbyes to the teenage phenomenon of my generation, because I am, by the way, a teenager still.
Thanks, The OC, for all the good times. I have spent hours and hours with you, and it has been a good run. See you soon.

Working the Bod.

Do you ever get so mad, not at yourself but just things in general, that you start hitting yourself?

I do. And I’m sure it is not healthy. But it just happens sometimes. For me, it has been a fairly new and recent technique to handle stress, and has seemed to work alright. Usually, it is just a swift punch to the thigh, that gives a strong cut of pain for a short amount of time. These have been happening increasingly as decisions pile up, and the to do list grows. I’ve never been much of a decision maker, or a do-er. I’m usually very mellowed out (which is the best way to go) and I just let things happen. When I am faced with a decision, or a pile of things to do, I often take it with a shrug and a “Let’s kick it, chill style” attitude. But when decisions get difficult enough, all I can do to help the emotional struggle is to physically struggle too. It is better than punching things, bruises are much cooler than paying for a hole in the wall.

So, give it a shot! Punch yourself! Give yourself a bruise, black eye or bloody nose! It is the newest thing in stress relief!