2 days in a row.

by Nic Olson

dont expect this to happen much, unless Aizawl is boring, but here we are again.

i am at Mary Salem’s place, possibly spelled and pronounced Amari, enjoying some tea, potatoes, and other delights.. We went to the science centre today with the retreat group from Guwahati, and i was tired from kids pulling me around, so came here for some snacks and a break. Had a good chat with Mary and Peggy, both very interesting and fun people. The science centre was deaddddly! so much cooler than the one in Regina, maybe because i have seen everything in the one in Regina 100 times. So many cool exhibits, including a Mirror Mazy. nothing better than that, i dont think.

British airways called today, telling me that they would call back. That was all. there is a flight from London to Calcutta today, and my bags should be with that. Then my bags should be sent to Aizawl and i would get them there. That would be nice.

I am beginning to smell like India. It is not a big deal, i am used to smelling bad. I only have one pair of socks and one pair of underwear. i washed my socks in the sink last night, and that did no good. my shower was busted so i had a sort of ‘wash the smelliest places first’ shower, where i only got 2/3 of my body wet. it was nice, and cold.

I only have about 3 pictures taken so far, as batteries have fun out, and purchased batteries only last about 2 photos. hopefully i’m not missing my only chance at hilarious photos.

I have made quite a few new friends, the most notable are Michael and John. They both are in their young teens and are pretty funny dudes. The main reason i am talking about them is because of there Canadian names that i can remember. All the other names are much more difficult to grasp. Anyways, we have had many good talks about Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Michael Jackson, Canada’s main exports, ice skating, beeetlenut, girlfriends, WWF as they like to call it, and other hilarious things. some of these people will be in Aizawl when i am, so that will be nice to know people when i get there.

I was thinking today at the science centre, it is very hard living here in India. I am the lone white man, with no one to laugh at my quick wit and popculture lined jokes. Thats ok, i’ll laugh for you guys. You thought i was going somewhere deep there. i wasnt.

anyways, i have to get going. internet sucks. i’ll update again soon.