by Nic Olson

Three days in a row. thats pretty good.
This one is short, a few observations I have made.

The fashion here is incredible. Many Adidas, Nike and Fila sweatervests, as well as socks with sandals. Many a great moustache, so I will likely grow one too .When in Rome..

There are many stray dogs, cows, goats, and other things around. The baby goats are so cute, i want to go and pet them, but i prefer my herpe-less body. The dogs are everywhere. Laying around, eating trash. .Many very ugly, many very cute, either way, all gross.

The drive from Guwahati to Shillong was pretty cool. Many neat trees and hills. but i would call them old jungle mountains before i called them hills. I want to see a tiger.

Anyway, i better get off. stop wasting money.