Yeah! as in, the hit by Usher.

by Nic Olson

Dropping one from Aizawl.

I am finally in my new home, with my luggage and a new family. It has been great so far. We ate supper and I enjoyed sometime with the kids. We drove from Shillong to Guwahati and flew from there to Aizawl, where I met my luggage and drove here to Aizawl, all very smoothly. I seem to be regaining my sense of the English language, as for a while I was speaking in broken English and still am speaking in some weird way, as you can no doubt tell.

I have noticed everyday, wherever I go, being stared down by the native people of the great land of India. They must be saying to each other, “Hey, dude! Come check out the tall, pale, goofy awkward whiteman, and then laugh for hours. I can only hope that this trip makes me less pale, less goofy, less awkward, but I will keep my height, because that would mean dismemberment.

I will soon begin my teaching career as well as my bible college career, both of which I am anxious to get going.

The other day while having tea with one of Ray’s old friends, while sipping at the 9th cup of the day, I hear in the background one man from USA, Usher, singing his hit from past years, ‘Caught up’ I was really bouncing to the great beat. Somehow crap like that gets leaked in to this country that is so different, but seems to have much of the same crappy influence of the danceable Usher and his great beats.

I was in the guest house in Shillong, very friggin cold by the way (you were right mom) and the Australian Open was on the tele. It was a great treat that I did not expect. Along with this was Arrested Development, another great treat that I do not expect to happen again. Anyways, I am still trying to understand how the crappiest part of our culture is ending up here, and why they love it so much. But I do love the tennis and arrested development, a lot.

By the way, Sharon king, if you are reading this or hear about it ever, you would not be able to live in India. Too much ‘chicken on the bone’ it is a truly terrible thing.

But, I am off, for sleep and a shave.


It is always nice to be “Caught up”

rushed blogging is an awful thing. they beauty just isn’t there.