by Nic Olson

The other day, when driving in a taxi to the school, I noticed a kid, about 13 wearing a red teeshirt that had the grey print of ‘skateboarder’ on it, with a small patch stitched into the side that said ‘TIKI’. There was no mistake to be made, that was my old shirt. Where else would have this kid bought a shirt that could only be purchased in Regina? I thought that was neat. Then today, I saw another guy wearing one of my favourite longsleeves of all time, the white and burgundy striped one, which I grew out of. So, I guess that is where your old clothes end up. They sit in the bottom of your drawer for a few months and then eventually end up in the home of some boys in India. Both are really nice shirts, by the way.

For breakfast each morning the past few days, I have been eating downstairs with the college guys, and the meal usually consists of rice, dry fish, dahl and a cup of water. It is a really great meal. Today was a bit different. It was rice with about a large can of kidney beans and some sauce, which was also a great treat. Anyways, the food from Ellen and the food from Becky is so good, that every meal it is a hard choice of where to go, and I mean that in a good way. Not like, ‘I dont want to eat either place it is so bad’ but more of a ‘I want to eat both places at both times because my tastebuds get pissed off when I only eat one place.’

Brudder Bob Parker came last night, and it is nice to have him here. I could go on, but I think that is a good enough of a compliment. He is a solid dude.

I don’t know why people go to school for 5 years to become a teacher. I went to school for .5 years and I know just as much as the teachers I know that went to school for that long. All you really have to do, is get the kids to read a book, and then you look on the internet to make sure it is to curriculum. Along with the best times and holidays, a teacher might just be the easiest job in the world.

besides professional sleeper, or professional circus man.