by Nic Olson

Today I went into town again. Same old stuff. I laughed at many things, and wanted to buy many things. I saw, in some very small shop on the side of Bara Bazaar, a nice black cap, with the Team Canada logo on it, brand new, with the tag on it and everything. I thought that was neat, and surprised me quite a bit. I didn’t buy it. maybe next time. I bought a new soccer/football ball, from the same sports shop as the last one i visited. The same lady was working, and she said she gave me a deal. It was about $5.

Bob, Duothang (yeah, kinda like a duotang) and I went to town, and we stopped by David’s Kitchen. I ordered a real meal of Butter Chicken Masala, and let me tell all of you, it is much better in the real India than it is in the fake Regina India. Boy oh boy, my first real butter chicken was a beautiful thing. The perfect sweetness, butter-loving goodness with a perfect amount of spice. I also had some real nan bread, but forgot to order rice. I figured it might come with rice, but didn’t, so I just put it on my nan. Still, a beautiful thing. Tell Sharon King that the only way to experience it, is in real India.

Tell Dave Turner that I found a banana hammock branded with Arsenal, that I will likely get him. Dave would look nice in the banana hammock.

Tell Oprah I hate her.

Tell my friends and family i miss them.

Tell my wife that I love her.