Dream Theater.

by Nic Olson

I woke up two nights ago, around 4am, to a sound invading my room, and I couldn’t figure out what it was. You know when you are in that awesome deep sleep, and when you wake up, nothing at all makes sense? I was in this part of the night. I woke up, heard the noise, and it took me a good few minutes to figure out the noise was in my room, and that I should do something about it. I reached around for my flashlight, and got up, shone the light around the room, on the wall where the noise was coming from, under the bed, and then into my personal bathroom, where I had left the window open for some venting of the region, because it needed it. Anyways, nothing was there. I couldn’t figure out whether this was a dream, or whether I actually heard something. If it was real, it must have been an expert climber, or a flying animal, because my window is about 20feet from the ground. Andrew figured it was a bat, and I wouldn’t be surprised, because I saw a bat in the bathroom the other day, when the windows were open. Either that, or I found a new species of iguana that shrieks and climbs buildings. I would call it a Climbing Iguana, or a Cliguana or an Iguanimb. I remember the sound very well, it was a cross between a huge squirrel, a group of excited teenage girls, and the squeaky dirty screech of a shopping cart wheel. You know when you get one of the shopping carts, and only 3 of the wheels touch the ground? Man, that sucks.

Anyways, over the 3 weeks I have been here, I have been having the weirdest dreams, and on a nightly basis. It must be the spicy food. I have had many dreams about friends from elementary school, as well as teachers. Playing paintball and shooting Mrs. Fowler in the gut, and hanging out with ollllld friends, from many a year ago. Every night before when I say goodnight to some of the guys, they tell me to have sweet dreams of my girlfriend, and even the girls here on a nightly basis tell me to have sweet dreams. Maybe that is the reason I have been having the dreams.

The other night I had a dream that I was sitting with Jerms, Kris and Melissa talking about how India was, like I was looking into the future.. That will no doubt bring on some trippy déjà vu.

Last night I had a dream that Lucas, Bryn and Kurtis came to India to visit, brought their hockey gear, and mine, and some snow. We went to brewsters after a hockey game, then to the Indian movie theatre, and it turned out that the movie theatre was just an orchestra with a small TV in the front. The orchestra played the movie music, and the TV was about 20” big. It was a true letdown. So don’t go to the movie theatre in India, at least not in your dreams.

I have also heard that eating bananas before bed will give you the dreams. So, just to make sure this is all true, I am going to make sure someone tells me to have sweet dreams, and soon after I will eat a banana that is stuffed with hot chilis. Should make for a good night.

Oh yeah, and yesterday, i dove off of a mountain. it was great. but it hurt.