Naked and lovin’ it.

by Nic Olson

This morning I was heading for the shower with my Old Spice Hair AND Body wash, (amazing invention by the way, it cuts shower time in half.) and bucket to collect my bath water for flushing, wearing only a towel. I got situated in my shower stall, which looks like a place they would clean cattle, and the water is about as cold as a witch’s teat. That part is nothing, you get used to cold showers when you shower after Melissa, and when Sharon comes to visit. And, it’s actually rather refreshing. Anyways, Bidyut (pronounced BEE-DOOT) asked me something I couldn’t quite understand, and I peaked around the stall wall and he started laughing. I think he was laughing because I was bathing naked, and he thought it was pretty funny. I, personally, don’t know any other way to bathe. I’d go totally Indian and bathe the way they do, but that would require me to go through the awkward question of asking another dude, “So… how do you bathe?” or creeping around and trying to see. Neither, I really want to do, so I am keeping to my original way of bathing. Nice and naked.
Maybe they were laughing at a birthmark in the shape of a cricket bat and posts that I haven’t seen before, you know, in that one spot on your backside you can’t see without mirror or photo aid.

Mom, do I have a birthmark you never told me about?