i totally called the Colt’s winning the bowl, way back in November.

by Nic Olson

Check it!

In town this past weekend I spotted quite a few new things that I thought were sweet. All the ‘American’ stores they have here, you are bound to find some gems. In one store today, it was primarily a hat and shoe store, things I like very much, there were hats from the NFL and the College leagues, and caught in the mix was an Ottawa Senators hat. The next store down, a guy was wearing an old worn out Colorado Avalanche hat. It is the high point of my day seeing these hats, and it’s especially awesome because the people here have no idea who these teams are, or what hockey is. Most of them don’t even know what we call football. It’s just as stupid when people in Canada were wearing hats with Chinese symbols on them that translated into ‘dog’ or ‘boot’. Another sweet find was an old MxPx shirt in some trendy new wave teenage hot pants store. Hanging on a hanger, the only one on a hanger, like it was something special. MxPx is deeeeeeeadly. I also saw a dude with a hat that had the Cincinnati Bengals symbol of the front, and stitched into the back were the words ‘Buffalo Sabres’.
Where do they come up with this stuff? India, I guess.

Bob and I tapped David’s Kitchen again the other day, and it was just as good as last time. While waiting for the meal, the waitress brought each of us something to read. For me, a magazine called RAVE, because of my obvious raver giddup. Bob got a newspaper. In RAVE I read about how Iron Maiden is taking over India with their newest album, but I forget the album’s name. In the article I learned many new things. One, that Iron Maiden is still kicking, but really, I just should’ve known that. Two, that India has radio stations. That one was surprising, actually. Three, that Victoria Beckham put out a CD. And four, just a reminder, that metal is funny to listen to and to look at. Old men that think they are 20 again. Sad but beautiful.

I have added a few pictures; I try to add a few each day. Each picture takes like 30 minutes to upload, so you should spend at least that much time just enjoying it and thinking about it. If you are not going to do that, don’t bother looking at them. Thanks.

Today is cold and rainy. Last night was a thunderstorm. Loud and flashy, like some of Sharon King’s shoes. (ohhhhhh, yeah) Today has been raining most of the day. Because we couldn’t be playing soccer, the guys pulled out the carom board. Similar to crokinole, 2 colours of discs, black and white, one shooter, and one red disc which I couldn’t figure out what it was for, holes in the corner, where you shoot the discs. There is a powder on the surface, so the discs move better. A few weird ways of hitting the shooter disc with your fingers, but the one staple crokinole flick is still there. It’s a good thing I have my Masters in Crokinology, or else I would have looked quite the fool, moreso than I did. I can only hope that someday I can reach the status of Wilf, and get my Ph.D. in Crokinology, Majoring in Wicked Action Power Angle Shots. Tell Lucas that we have a new Tuesday night game, about 10x harder than crokinole.

Just bring it.