Ode to Bob

by Nic Olson

Here is one of those blogs that not everyone gets. Only the people that know Bob will get this blog, and if you read this blog without knowing Bob, then I hope my impression of Bob will get you to want to get to know Bob. It’s the Boblog. Or the Blob.

Bob Parker has been in India for a week longer than I have, but has been here like 100 times before that. I have thoroughly enjoyed his company throughout my weeks here, and it will be sad to see him go. I’m glad I got to spend the time I did, with him, in Guwahati and Aizawl, hitting up the city life and learning new things about India. He’s been a good English speaking friend over the past few weeks and learning the entire New Testament in 3 weeks couldn’t have gone any smoother.

If I could write songs, I’m sure that I’d write one about the man named Bob, which would include mad drum fillers, melodic guitar rifts, and bass lines that could slay the holiest of cattle. It would include a verse about India, a verse about Saskatoon, and a chorus about keepin’ it real.

Soon to come! : Ode to the Rebirth of Starter, the once great hat company making a comeback with underwear and socks. Ode to Linoleum, the great cover up as well as the great lazy man’s work. And of course, the Ode to the Blue Footed Booby. Until then.