Breeding and its role in the Church.

by Nic Olson

Both important topics in youth today, and I’d like to address both of them head on.

In the past 4 weeks I have read 4 books, and am working on my 5th. That is a huge record for me. Usually it takes me a good 4 months to read a book, even a good one. I’ve never been a child of reading, but lately, wooowee. Maybe it’s life without television, power, and rarely internet. This is not a search for people to congratulate me or to tell you how much better of a human being I am (but, if you must…), I just wanted to let you know that I’m breaking old records and have enjoyed doing so. I read 2 best sellers and a C.S. Lewis book, so none of them have been really short or easy reads, they have challenged me to look at my 6 pack and turn my pecs around.

Now from breeding, to church. My main point, don’t breed in the church…
The other night at devotional, every night at 7:30 about two steps from my room, one of the guys was song leading, and picked a few doozys right out of Songs of Faith and Praise. The songs were not strangers to me. They were, ‘Have a Little Talk with Jesus’ and ‘Hallelujiah Praise Jehovah’, both solid hymns of faith and praise. The problem was that no one but me knew the songs. I tried to stay in key, or on tune or whatever you musicians call it, as the others mumbled along, trying to get the rhythm. In the end, my voice probably cracked on every High C and Low R. When they do know the songs, they are the loudest singers I’ve known. I bet 10 or 15 of them would be louder than the Glen Elm congregation. They’ve got church down. Sing 3 songs, quick 5 minute preach, shake a few hands and head out. By the way, they love the handshake here, so I’ve thrown down a few great handshakes. Handshakes are the new French kiss, is what I hear. So I’ve French kissed a good 150 people. Another record breaker.