Working the Dowry

by Nic Olson

Seems like another quite prominent topic that this trip has held is that great idea of girls and marriage. I don’t know if you knew this, but I am easily the most awkward guy since Napoleon, and definitely the most awkward white man in India. I was hoping that this trip would help that problem I have, but as of yet, no luck. I guess part of the reason is that I sit here and write these blogs, instead of practice my non-awkward skills. Like looking people in the eyes. I just can’t do that. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah… thats right.

Even months before I left, people came up with this great idea, and started asking me, “So, Nic, are you going to marry and Indian princess?” or something along those lines. And, I know, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Since I’ve been here it has been no better, and it doesn’t help with all the cute girls around. The other day, at church, a group of girls I’ve never met, came up to me and gave me a note that said, “Nick, we wanna take a picture with you and can you wait for us after the service. Thanks, the Girls.” So, being the great gentleman I am, I said yes, met them after church and went for a short walk to the photo taking location. We got there, I said very little, stood awkwardly in my huge size 12’s looking down at the top of their heads from my tower-like height. Turns out that the camera was broken, and no pictures were taken, just me, standing there awkward, with a group of girls I didn’t know.

It happened again. This time less formal, but equally as weird. I was hanging with the dudes, and they asked me over to take some pictures. After a good 15 minutes of pictures with girls I hadn’t met, I got to have a short chat with 2 girls about true love, jealousy and girlfriends. So that was great. They also didn’t believe me that I didn’t have a girlfriend back home, like I’m some sort of catch, or something. Since then I have talked to them a few times, and are pretty nice girls. They ask me about Avril Lavigne, what Canadian girls do all day, and asked me to ‘hangout’ when they are done exams. All in all, this may top my list of the most awkward series of situations in the past year, and I’m not looking forward to topping it once more, as I can see happening. Soon.

Some of the guys here have even got the idea that I want to marry an Indian girl (which again, wouldn’t be such a bad thing), and ask me often about it, trying to set me up with some girls. So that is great too.

So, remember, when I come back in a few months, I may be a brand new guy. Confident, classy, mature and totally socially acceptable, but I realllly doubt it.