Old Frozen Walt Balls.

by Nic Olson

Friday night, a sacred night where relaxation and parties occur. In India, I am privileged to be the movie man that makes a bunch of kids’ Fridays awesome. So far we have watched movies such as ‘Cars’ ‘Barnyard’ and ‘Flushed Away’ and I have noticed that the movies of today are much lower of quality than the ones of my day. They have no good songs, and barely a plot. Sure, they can tell a love story about a mustang and a porshe, two cars from different backgrounds, but other than that, just lacking. Maybe it is that everyone that has a computer that is a gigabyte better than the Commodore 64, can make a movie. And anyone with an arm and an eyebrow can write a script. An arm to type or handwrite the script and an eyebrow to furrow and raise when critiquing their own awful work. Maybe it is that no one but Disney can pull off the classics anymore. And even they have lost their touch. Maybe it’s that they got lazy and only sit on their computers, and took the ART out of the entire idea of cARToons. Now, push this button and press this one and you have hilarious voices and a great visual, but no heart. Remember ‘The Rescuers’, ‘Aladdin’, or ‘Lion King’? Those movies had some soul, as well as the occasional dirty word that the editor slipped in.

I’ve lost all hope in children’s entertainers. Except for Raffi and Fred Penner. Genius, those guys are. And they have souls. Unlike old Walt Disney. You sell the Mighty Ducks, you lose your soul. Plain and simple.