Even In the Darkest Places

by Nic Olson

This update has little to do with India, but I am running out of things to say about the place. Maybe because I’ve been here long enough, and I am Indian enough to be used to the Indian things that are around, like having no electric current. Man, that sucks.

This has to do with the greatest CD I have ever heard, and it took me a few months to realize what that is. Every New Day – Even in the Darkest Places. I know that a good portion of the people reading this will have little clue about the band, what they sound like, or anything about them, but read anyways. I know I don’t have an Arts degree, so sharing my feelings is not what I am accredited to do, but if you’ll just give me a Science degree of a chance.

I went and bought some new headphones. The ones I bought for 30 rupees did not last very long. And they were awful when they did last. So, I went and spent 250rupees on a pair of Sony headphones, and I haven’t heard music on my iPod sound this good, it is nothing short of amazing. So, to celebrate, I listened to this album lying in my bed, expecting the same old solid rock and roll album as usual.

Something was different this time. It sounded brand new, but I knew all the words. I began to realize really what the album is: beautiful, powerful and strong. Every song seems so pure, for lack of a better word, and actually breathtaking. Each song has its individual power and strength to it, and that tore me to pieces. The words, ‘instant classic’ came to mind, and ‘a masterpiece,’ or ‘a triumph’, all those cheesy lines that weiner music critics use to make the CD sound good. It is the best worship album that has ever been made. Go buy it, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t sound like other ‘worship’ CDs. The passion of three dudes that will kick other worship music in the gut and say, “I don’t want a large Farva, I want a litre of cola.” When I go to a good concert, and I stand in the crowd, waiting for a band to start, my body knows what is going to happen. When I stand and wait for a band I know is going to suck and put me to sleep or make me angry, my body just gets tired and almost weak, dead. When I stand and wait for a band I know is going to kick my face off, I get nervous, and get butterflies. That is a special feeling, I think. It doesn’t happen too often, but it happens for these guys, and a few others, everytime.

A lot of it this album’s impact on me, is how it reminds me of so many different people. The songs remind me of different people individually, in different settings, at different times, with different feelings.

I’m sure in a few weeks, when means – sending you strength hits me, I will be feeling most of the same things. Worship, in a much more beautiful, powerful, passionate, and real way. Ahhhhhhh.