I already wrote a blog today, but I took it down, because this one is way more important.

Tuesday, February 27th, a good friend Taylor Procyshen is playing a WHL hockey game in Regina versus the Pats. He is on the Tri City Americans, part of the U.S. Division of the Western Hockey League, and is playing back in Regina for the first time in his WHL career, for all his friends and family to see. He gets to play with Canadien’s pick Carey Price, which is sweet. I hope he gets drafted by Montreal too. I have been planning on seeing him play in Regina for like 3 years, and now I’m screwed.

I have been friends with Taylor since kindergarten, and he’s always been a sweet dude to be with. He has come to church for the past bunch of years, and I’ve got to know him even better there. He has always had a great heart, great attitude, great smile, great abs, and it is a bummer that I only get to see him like twice a year.

This guy is an amazing hockey player, small but strong, with loads of talent. He will likely be drafted this June or July and will move to the states, never to be seen from again, making millions, making commercials, kissing babies, autographing chests.

Since I couldn’t be there in Regina watching him this week, I just wanted to remember him, in this way, and encourage those of you from Regina to hit up that Pats game on Tuesday, cheer against the home team, and instead, cheer for the hometown boy.

As the Cherry would say, ‘Isn’t that kid a beauty!’ He sure is…He sure is.