Glitz and Glam Tour ’07

by Nic Olson

What the blog is Glitz? What the heck is blog? Whatthe beef is heck?

Today I bought a $100 pair of jeans. Yeah, I know. But, they actually only cost me about $20 Canadian (the cashier and I did the math, on a calculator nonetheless). I’m not going to bother saying where I got them, because I’ll only get made fun of, but they are a nice pair of jeans, and I needed a new pair. The store was so nice, it was one of those parts of Aizawl where I walked in and asked myself, ‘Did Regina just get nicer?’. It was well furnished, to say the least….

I also hit up a store called The Colors of Bennetton. I figured it was some British store because what other country would use a world as stupid and proper as ‘Bennetton’, and I had some time to kill, so I thought I’d check it out. Up a flight of stairs, on the second floor, on top of some dirty-as-sin hardware shop, was India’s American Eagle. Hardwood flooring, mannequins, cute girl working the till, trendy shirts and polos. I didn’t get anything here, assuming it would be too expensive, and figured I could buy Melissa something there, but then she wouldn’t know if it was from India or Indiana, or Indianapolis, or ….California.?

Stop number three on my glam tour was the Adidas store. I may have mentioned this place before, but it is crazy nice. You walk inside, and it is easily nicer than any other store in Saskatchewan, maybe even Canada, and then you walk outside and nothing, for miles, shines like it does. It is like the dirt and garbage are repelled by the high prices of the authentic Adidas apparel. I bought some sandals. I have been looking for a pair since I arrived in India, and no one has a pair for my size 12 whoppers, so, I found a pair of 11’s that I could sneak into that cost me about $20 Canadian as well. I know, steep for sandals, especially from India, but they are nice, and about 8 cute girls sold them to me, and I needed a pair bad.

My main goal of hitting up town today, was to get a computer fixed, and as far as I know, I got that accomplished. This one guy must have had six cigarettes when he was working on my computer for an hour. Like that one guy on Jurassic Park, you know. I think it was Samuel L. Jackson. He smoked, you know, and worked on computers.