Love and Marriage

by Nic Olson

Oh boy. You know this one is going to be good.

I have been researching, quite a bit here, about what they use to define different words. For example, the words girlfriend, boyfriend and love, are used in pretty much backwards ways to what I am used to. They go like this. A girlfriend is ­anyone that you love, and this (without getting into a huge discussion about the steps of dating) I can mostly agree with. But, the part that says anyone, and the way they use the word love… wow. You can love a girl, without ever talking to her, making eye contact with her, or knowing her name. Yeah, that’s right, you can LOVE her, without doing these things. So, girlfriends and boyfriends come pretty easy around here, from what I understand. I think I have an even 3 dozen girlfriends now… If only it were that easy.

In my time here, I have also encountered a few girls. It turns out that Mizoram people, the Mizos, are a beautiful people. Like all the best looking people from Japan moved to India, and bred with all the best looking Indian people, and started a new state. But, anyways, with some of them, since I am a white guy around their age, we have had to have a few photo opps, and I hate these. So much. One of these photo girls asked me to go to a wedding with her. Her aunty’s wedding. Her aunty that I have never met. I think that she just wanted to show off her white friend. I told her, something along the lines of, ‘Ohhhh. I love weddings. I would really really like to go! Can I even dress up all nice, and meet people I don’t know? Maybe even put on a smile for 4 hours?’ So, being the amazing gentleman I am, I went. It was a rough few hours. We missed the actual wedding due to traffic jams, and when we got there, she grabbed hold of my hand, and that was about it for me. My arms were in my pockets or crossed the rest of the time. After the wedding we hit up the reception-like event. I took a head count, and I think there were about three-hundred-thousand people there, all gathering for food. They had literal buckets of rice. More food than I have ever seen, in huge huge huge cauldron like pots. The food was sweet, but I was getting a little restless about this time. After supper, I felt better, and hung out with some strangers. Made some friends with some kids, took some photos with some girls, had a few laughs, made a few friends, and eventually had a good time. The good time I had later definitely made up for the weaker time I had earlier. I just figured that if I kept telling myself that it sucked, it would. But, I changed it around, told myself it was a good experience, and then I had a ball. It’s all in the mind. Mind games, you guys.

A few days before this, on another occasion, one of the sixteen year old girls asked me what I thought about marriage. Ohhhhhhh. Well, I think that marriage is a beautiful symbol of love and devotion to a soul mate, and I think for true happiness, you must get married young, like 18. I’ll just leave it at that.

So, in conclusion: weddings suck in all countries, girls are the same all over the world, Nic eats way too much almost every meal, and eating pork, beef, chicken and fish all in one meal, makes me gassy…

Hahah, ohhh.