My Little Concrete Heaven

by Nic Olson

After two months, I finally made my way to the Aizawl Tennis Club, to see what I could find out. I found out that tennis is awesome. I always knew this, but now, I know it all the more.

Me finding the place was definitely fate. I was in some tall building with Ray, getting some paperwork done, and I took a few steps toward a window, looked down, and there was a tennis court. Meant to be together.

I arrived at the court around 10am, just to stop by and see what was up. They saw my big head poking over the concrete fence, and when I was searching for the entrance, they found me and welcomed me in. To get to the court you had to go through the back of the tennis club canteen, hidden behind a whole bunch of things, I never would’ve found it. The court was a beautiful sight. Look at those pictures.. Wow. When I got there, there was only one racquet between 5 people, and they quickly let me play, fed me balls, I fed them balls, they ran me hard, I got tired, lost my breath. Very little was spoken, because none of them spoke any good English, but they managed to let me know that people would be there around 3pm to hit some more. The court was just concrete, with a painted surface, so it took me a while to get used to the surface. The ball didn’t stick at all, it just hit the ground and flew. It seemed to almost gain speed. I got used to it though, and then it was nothing.

I left, headed to a huge Mizoram Chapchar Kut Festival(don’t ask me what it means), with about 8 million people in the Assam Rifle football field. Dances, plays, singing, iced cream, photos with strangers, many more cute girls, and little English. I’ll put up some photos soon. They are crazy.

Back to the game of Champions. After quite a few hours of festivaling, I headed back to the tennis courts, around 3, like they said. When I got there, there was like 6 racquets, and they were willing to share with me again. I played 3 sets of doubles, with some Mizos, and boy did it feel good. They were all really great players, and it was so fun to play again. I played with a guy that reminded me of Nadal. Just the way he looked, and he was wearing goofy girl pant/shorts, but he was likely better than Nadal, and I didn’t hate him near as much as I hate Nadal. I took a break, met a whole bunch of people, talked some Mizo and English, they fed me some chow, and then I played a bit more tennis. Total, about 3 hours of tennis today, maybe more. They said they meet every day around 3pm, and told me to come back very soon. Tomorrow they said.. I will go back, undoubtedly, but it is a long drive, and it will cost me pretty hard after a while. But boy, was it worth it.

I’m pretty sure I played against Sania Mirza and won. If I were going to be any lady tennis player in the last decade I would be The Swiss Miss. I’ve always had a crush on Martina. But then there is the obvious, Maria Sharapova. She’s my age, and is quite the talent, and is just a little bit hot. We are getting married, just as soon as she knows I exist. There is just something about a girl that plays tennis…Uhh.. I like Andre Agassi the best.