Oh the things we may do.

by Nic Olson

Some awesome things I have done or noticed these past few weeks…Basically a list of things that didn’t make the cut for real blogs. But interesting nonetheless.

People in India rarely wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I didn’t think I’d fit in anywhere with this as a common occurrence. But, turns out, I’m as dirty as 1/6th of the world.. That’s right, if you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, you are likely the minority.

I saw a lady putting a live chicken into a plastic grocery bag the other day. The bag was small, the chicken was squirming and clucking, and she managed to get it done. When she was done, the customer took the chicken in the bag, and the chicken’s head just stuck out of the bag like a small dog out of a girl’s purse.

The other day, a nun smiled at me. I’ve never seen one of those before. A nun, that is. Smiling nuns are everywhere, I bet.

I am planning on going to town soon for a dog eating party. Like dog meat. They said it is available here, so I better take advantage of that. Shitzu or Rotweiler?

Zoos can be a let down. I really enjoyed my time at the Aizawl Zoological Centre, however. It was pretty sweet, lots of cool animals, but as usual, the coolest animals were out for the day. The tiger and leopard weren’t hanging around, they were gone, but it was still a pretty cool zoo. Far better than Regina’s, that’s for sure.

February was fast. Superfast. Supersonic. March is going the same.

They have the most amazing dish soap here. It is like hard butter, and is in a tub. They take a fist of it (which isn’t much with their tiny hands) and put it into the hot dishwater. But, it is different than liquid dish soap. As time progresses, MORE bubbles and foam is created. It is a truly amazing invention. Like a time bomb of dish cleanliness. Yeah, I’ve been washing dishes too.

I had to pay 2 rupees to relieve myself at the mall. But if I didn’t, it would’ve been a messy day, and it was the nicest bathroom I’ve seen in India. Two urinals, two squatters, a real live toilet, and 2 sinks. Wow!

I met a guy named Mr. Supreme. Now, if that isn’t the perfect name for a Professional Wrestler, then I don’t know what is. I wouldn’t mess with Mr. Supreme, that’s for sure.