Do you like pork?

by Nic Olson

Since I write these things almost everyday, some people think that maybe I should become a journalist, or some sort of professional writer. Before laughing at you for a few hours and then shaking my head for another few hours, all I have to say to this is, ‘what is a verb?’ Who knows? Not me.
And further, this proves why I should not go into Education…

I write these things like the way I would talk. Since there is no one here that understands my teenage slang, I have got to unleash it on you. No newspaper would hire me, I’m a bum. I’m a math man; let us not even bother talking about my writing career. I’d bet there are nearly 100 grammar mistakes in this sentence alone. Words are not my cut of pork. Right there is an example. Cut of pork? What the heck?

And this trip has only further showed me how poor I am at teaching, and how much I should avoid the profession. I like children, but only the good ones. When you are a teacher you have to like all the children, even the crappy ones. My two students are right on the line of good and awful, and if I became a teacher, I would have to know that I am teaching students for the rest of my life.. That would be the worst way to wake up every morning. Except maybe a slap in the face, followed by boiling hot water being poured in my armpits, and a good swift punch to the gut. But even that sounds appealing compared to a lifetime of school. But thats just me.

Quite often, sitting in my room, listening to music, or while I’m in the midst of a boring devo, I begin to think of my Chemistry and Math classes, last semester, thinking about how fun that was, and how cool it was. I’m pumped about furthering this knowledge. Now, I am not looking forward to going back and reading romance novels for my next English class, and learning about the conjective conjunctions of the independent creative clause. Makes me shudder.

In a few weeks I’ll run out of witty and clever things to say, you’ll all stop reading my blog because I became so desperate for things to write about, that I began to update about the progress of my facial hair, which by the way, is progressing very nicely. I’m predicting a beard in late ’07. What do you think?