Extra Curry-cular Activities

by Nic Olson

It is amazing that it has taken me two months to devote a blog entirely to food, since it has been one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever encountered. The food here will take your tongue, get frisky with your tastebuds, get friendly with your tonsils, warm up everywhere from your mouth to your colon, your nose will run, your brow will sweat, and you will nearly pass out from flavour.

When I talk with the guys here, they sometimes ask me what I eat in Canada, and when I don’t say that I eat rice for every meal, they are confused. “What could you possibly eat every meal except rice?” They also often ask me if I, “have this kind of curry in Canada?” I just say no, not explaining that we don’t eat curry every meal either. What do we eat without rice or curry? McDonalds. That must be it.

The food here, there is anything from boiled mustard leaves, to boiled pumpkin leaves or pumpkin itself, to any random leaf or herb they can find in the jungle. One time one of he guys went into the bush, picked some random plant. I asked him what it was, he said he didn’t even know. He cooked it up with some chili and some other curries, and a magical chutney was born.

Tonight I chipped a tooth on a stone I found in the rice. At least it felt like a chip. I guess I chew too hard, and too fast. If I was chewing like a regular person and not like a hyena, maybe then I would have been fine.

There have been quite a few instances of stomach problems, here at the college, and likely it can be attributed to the wonder of the hot chili. I’m getting pretty good at these too, I have almost 2 every meal. But I should likely slow that down, so my colon doesn’t get inflamed or my stomach doesn’t get infected or so my new permenant home won’t be the toilet. I guess I’ll have to call off the Hunt for Red Hot-tober. Hahaha. Yes!

Hopefully before I leave, I will get Becky to teach me how to make each dish, so I never have to leave flavour behind. Because, I wanna live in flavour country forever.