Grab your groin good.

by Nic Olson

Things have been going good. Only about two months left until I make the day long journey home, get a job, and live the summer life once again. Each day here flies by, likely because each day is pretty full of things to do. Correcting exams, correcting math homework, correcting poor English, filling water tanks, waiting for the internet to work, preparing for class the upcoming week, reading for college class, trying to catch some Z’s, and still having time for hanging out and taking it easy every now and then; can become a day filler. I have a year calendar thing that I use to plan each day of school, and it says what day it is in the 365 days of the year. Today is the 82nd day in case you were wondering. I check at that number every now and then, and it seems that 20 days just drop off in an hour.

This past week Scott Landry of Yellowknife few in to India, and made his way here. After a pretty funny few happenings in Delhi, that is. It is good to have another big pale guy for people to stare at, and another guy to speak English with. It is good to have another person that laughs at Dumb and Dumber quotes and gets my pop culture laden humour. He also delivered a few goods for me. Special shout outs to Laura, Melissa, Tim, and who ever else made it possible for me to get the new Means. Their music is music to my ears…..(that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen) And another special shout out to Paul. The OC has never tasted so sweet, you are a life saver (I could go for a pack of sweet lifesavers, as opposed to the salty ones) Big shout out to Fruit of the Loom and Hanes. I haven’t yet decided which is better, but right now they are competing for my undercarriage comfort. And special mentions to Laura for the Riesens, Dayna and Cody for the flashlight, stickers and chocolate. I love all of those things. Espcially stickers of flashlights made of chocolate. Or chocolate stickers on flaslights.

I woke up the other day to a large moth crawling on my eyeball. I picked it off, went back to bed, and didn’t know what it was until I checked later. One night I was laying in bed and I thought I heard a friggin’ helicopter coming to land on the roof, but it turns out it was just a huge flying beetle that was flying around my head, ready to kill. I got my combat gear on, which consists of lucky red nut huggers, my headset flashlight and my flipflop to kill the bug, and seduced it and calmly put it do death, and put it in the squatter, the new insect graveyard. One night I was sitting on my bed with my computer on my lap working with the lights off. In the dim light of the computer screen, I saw a huge spider crawling on the wall next to me. After some exclamations between us, I put the computer down, took a few photos, and threw on the combat gear, sent him down the toilet. He was definitely big enough to be a bird eater. Or a human eater, who knows. And check out my pictures for shots of these guys, and this other 30-legged-something-opede. It was crazy, and gross. And huge. I ate it. But now I have a mosquito net, a beautiful invention. It is like you are tenting indoors every night. I love tenting.Remember those tents that you could attach to your bed when you were a kid? It is like that, only for grown up babies. Mine has stars on it.

Things are sweet.