Ping Pong in Ding Dang

by Nic Olson

And I’ve been crapping pancakes ever since.

Since it was Scott’s first weekend here, we both thought it would be good if I showed him around town, Show him my digs, if you will. You won’t? Oh, OK sorry.

After a short tour around where I walk every weekend, and all the ‘touristy’ spots, if there were such a thing here, we decided to head to the Mizoram Table Tennis Tournament a short drive away. We arrived at the Kulikawn Indoor Stadium, which sounds intense, but it is basically a gym, and there was one table in the middle with umpire chair, score keeper chair, those short green wall barriers to stop the ball from going everywhere, it was just like the good old days when I dominated Saskatchewan in the sport. There were almost 100 people watching when we walked in. We sat down and almost immediately the President of the Mizoram Table Tennis Association came up to me and asked me how I found the place (it was pretty much hiding) and why we came. After Scott made things awkward and told the guy I’m great at the game, he invited me to come play on a nightly basis with him and some old dudes, but he forgot to give me his number. I also talked with the Vice Prez too. We watched the Cadet (Under 12) boys final, and the Men’s final matches, both were pretty solid matches. They all coulda ripped me right apart, but I have seen better in my days, I think. Still, their skill was undeniable.

Before Jeremy goes and says something about my lacking table tennis skill, I’m going to say this. If Jeremy tells you he beat me 21-5 one time, it is a lie. Last time we played, I’ll admit, he beat me, but not easily. All I’m saying is that in my prime, that is my national level prime, I could take Jeremy in a second, in his White City School level prime. We’re talking table tennis prime here guys, because we all know, I have yet to hit my beauty prime.

When we made our way home, it turned out it was pancake night at the McMillans. Before explaining this, you need to know that when it comes to food, I have no self control. One time at India House, I ate so much, I literally couldn’t move. I couldn’t move my arms, or my legs, or my head. So pancake night usually turns out in a similar fashion. I love pancakes, and I just keep eating them as they are made. Bad thing is, pancakes are so sweet, that your body doesn’t realize what you have been doing until the last pancake of thirteen, and then all the sweetness and pancake batter moves and resides in your sinuses. So, I was feeling a bit awful after this pancake night, but boy, I love pancake night.

But if you are talking to Scott anytime soon, ask him about the white guy at the table tennis tournament. He was white, and that is the truth.