by Nic Olson

I don’t know how you are feeling about these lately, if you are getting sick of my blogs about India, or if you are getting sick about my blogs that aren’t about India, or if you wish I would stop altogether, but here is some great news. Best news I’ve heard in years, even.

The NHL is keeping Hockey Night in Canada where it belongs, the CBC. Huge news, I know. Especially with rumors flying around of the dreaded CTV taking it over. Even better than this,

Bettman said the new deal will feature fewer Toronto Maple Leafs games
during the regular season, with more dates being allocated for other
Canadian teams. “The mix is not going to be what it’s been in previous
years,” Bettman said. “We decreased the number of the Leaf games and increased the number of games of the other Canadian teams that can be made

Huge news for the hockey world. Finally CBC is understanding that not everyone likes the Leafs, and maybe, more people hate them than the amount of people that like them. Buncha fairydancing-babyeating-Mafiarunning- Europeans, those Leafs.

Cherry for six more years! I love Bob Cole!