The Saloon

by Nic Olson

Not like, ‘Let’s get a few brews’ Saloon, but the Hair Cutting Saloon. No, not salon, they are called Saloons here. Spur of the moment thing, it was hot out, I figured it would be a fun time, and I was right. Check it.
I was pretty worried to begin with, seeing how it is my dreamy locks that get all the ladies to gaze for hours in my direction, but I figured it was time to let go, and get the girls away from me.

You can pretty much find a Hair Cutting Saloon after like 30 steps in Aizawl, so after about twenty nine steps, Scott and I found my destiny. I walked in, told the guy that didn’t understand English that I wanted my hair cut, and used my index finger and thumb to show about how long. There were about eight guys in there, and none of them wanted to touch my mop. One guy got brave enough, sat me down, and started on it. He worked my tangled sweaty mess with a comb and some scissors, then pulled out the electric clippers for the trim job. Half way through, I figured I was doomed to a life of Lloyd Christmas, which woulda been pretty sweet, and my haircuts always turn out like that anyways. Even the policeman nearby, left his station directing traffic to pose in some pictures and tell me that I looked good. Near the end, his precision around my ears with electric clippers, scissors, straight blade, was pretty astounding. When I was all said and done, I looked like a white guy from India, and had the hair cut of all the Hindi guys that live in town, but it felt great. I laughed he entire time. Scott took like 1000 pictures.

Right after the mop was reduced to a short bristled broom, he proceeded to give me the best head and neck massage you could imagine. I was pretty surprised at what was going on, so I was laughing the entire time, but it was fantastic. Near the end of the massage he took my head, turned it to the side and grabbed the hair on top and ripped my head around to crack my neck. It looked like he was going to kill me with a neck breaker, but turns out it was just the finishing move in the massage of a lifetime. I’m going back, most definitely.

The whole deal cost 15 rupees, which would be about 30cents or so, so I gave him 50 rupees, about a dollar, and he was pumped on the 150% tip I gave him. I figured for the work he had to do, the humiliation that he likely endured as his friends all lauged at him, and because it was the most fun I’ve had in a while, was worth the extra money. Pictures below…

This week will be a busy one. Going to a concert on Tuesday night, should be nothing short of hilarious, then I’m in a tennis tournament on Wednesday and further if I win. Things are sweet.

Check out the look on that dude’s face. He’s worried and sickened.
Workin’ on it.

Lloyd Christmas. All I need is the bowl.

The policeman approves.

Looks like a toupee.