Rock and Roll

by Nic Olson

We went to a concert. Yeah we did. Scott and I. Difference United. It was huge, to say the least. Make sure and check out their myspace page on the link above. They were some gospel rock powerpop group from Nashville, and they liked to rock…? Check out their site for sure. The dude with the long metal hair had to be from Megadeth, and he could rip it up like nothing else. He wrote the book on how to shred called God’s Guide to the Ultimate Praise and Worship Power Shred and Head Bang, and even brought out the whammy bar every now and then. The keyboardist, well, I dont know what to say about him really, he was kinda a tool. You could call him a pianist, I guess. The singer was the lady, Sarah. Scott thought that altogether they sounded like Christian Aqua (Barbie Girl) but I figured they were more of a mix between Metallica, No Doubt, The Gaither Group, United, Slipknot and Throwdown.

I hadn’t laughed so hard in a while. The metal licks that guy could produce, and the rap/talking/roboting the keyboardist did was something else. A few times Scott and I were mistaken for being in the band, but we didn’t play it up at all. We coulda got some free stuff, I bet. We took pictures with a whole bunch of random people who might’ve thought we we with the band, but we got some hilarious ones with the Rifle Guards and some girls. Check those out soon.

Before all this started, a band from Mizoram played, no clue what they were callled, but they were like Linkin Park, which sucked, but it was good to hear some live music again. That definately made up for missing means……ugh.

Nothing I write will be as hilarious as the band was. Check out their music for yourself. Have a good hearty laugh. My favourite song is the one about Raindrops.

I love Megadeth…