Patrick Swayze has been to Calcutta!

by Nic Olson

holy crap.

India is reliably unreliable. you can always rely that you can’t rely on the unreliable. It has been raining for like three weeks straight, no lies. I enjoy it though. Who doesn’t like rain. Then when you go outside and walk around for 3 minutes, it counts as a shower. Can’t get much better than that.

I’m hitting up the cyber cafe again, and the keyboard is sticky.. But it has broadband, and let me tell you, it is amazing. If you live in Canada, and you complain about your internet connection, you might want to think about shutting up. Apparently India is going to be the second largest internet market in the next five years, and they barely have internet here.

I ate dog the other day. Pretty much like a dog stew. there was real meat, as well as intestines and liver. the liver wasn’t too hot, but the intestines were great. Kinda like a farmer sausage, but chewier. I have some hilarious pictures i’ll upload someday when India is working again. I think it was dalmatian.

Something like 17 days until I get home. That is crazy.

I learned some new words. The word ‘hotdamna’ (pronounced hot-dam-na) means salvation in the Peity language, and the word fuky (pronounced like someting you shouldn’t say in front of children) means praise in Mizo. When the guys told me these words, boy did i laugh. So, let us go FUKY because of our new HOTDAMNA. haha, ohhhh boy.

anyway, chances are, i wont write another one of these until i’m home or in Calcutta getting my face kicked in by some clever crooks or kungfu pandas. so, until then.